…Enjoy your company

We have various common areas you can use to share great moments with your guests.

Spaces where you can organize lunches, dinners or where to just relax enjoying a glass of good wine.
Each space is well equipped with outdoors tables and chairs or sunbeds.
Bbqs are all around and we provide wood as well.

The Vine Porch

To relax or dine

The Gazebo

For lunches or dinners it becomes the “dancing area” for the wedding day

The main historical Villa’s entrance

A common room with an original floor from the 14th century.

Other Gazebos and gardens

Each stonehouse has its own gazebos or green spaces

Olive grows and woods

You can have a walk through the olive grows, in the woods or in the countryside roads around us. We have maps for that.



The common living room

An area in case the weather is not good (but also when it’s good.. why not, it’s so pretty). To have a lunch, dinner or to chat together.

The view is amazing. The garden is big, and has a lot of chairs and beds to relax in. Every house has its barbecue as well. “Jakederwi”
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