Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you accommodate?

At the Hamlet “Tenuta di Casa Bruciata”, we have 9 apartments for a total of 37 bedplaces. This number is included the sofa beds and extra beds that we usually suggest for children. Please check the “apartments page” to read more. If you think your wedding will have more than 37 people, you can use an extra stone house at only 8 minutes from us. Please see details at the end of our “Price” page. If you need yet more space, there’s a B&B with 30 bedrooms at 15 minutes from us. A price for the B&B accommodation is give on request.

How many people can you hold for the Wedding Day?

Our in-house setup is for up to 80 people. That means that we have tables, chairs and cutlery for up to 80. If you think you’ll be more we have to rent the materials we’ll need (and this will be an extra cost). Please note that when we say 80 people, we mean 80 adults. We can manage to setup different table for kids.

Music, do you have limitations?

We are in the countryside with 350 hectares of land owned by us, so we don’t have anyone we can disturb. So NO, we don’t have limitations for the Wedding party. By the way, usually all the Weddings tend to finish at maximum 2 am, having around 5 hours of party time, also because there are some of your guests that could sleep at that time.

Do you know a florist or a photographer or other things we might need?

Yes, we put you in direct contact with our trusted partners that worked with us in all the other Weddings. You have a direct contact with them so there’s no additional fee from us or hidden costs. You’ll always have our support to communicate with them.

Music for the ceremony

If you want music during the ceremony we have some great classical musicians. What about a harpist or a violinist? They can play alone or together with other musicians to create a 2 or 3 pieces band. We’ll give you a direct contact with them.

Transportation, how can I manage that?

Usually the guests of the Wedding rent cars at the airports to have their independency. In case you want shuttle buses to and from the airport or during the Wedding day (also with night journeys) we have drivers with different types of vehicles available. A quotation is given on request once you know the number of people and journeys you need.

Do you have a Wedding Planning Service?

We’ll support you for all the months and all the activities before the Wedding. You can send us all the emails you want or we can skype. We’ll give you a great “Wedding planning tools” which is a shared spreadsheet on Google Drive to keep track of all the notes and costs regarding the in-house activities. We don’t leave you alone, we’ll check that everything is in the right time. Please request our brochure to find out menus, prices, extra services and how to get married in Italy.

Do you know a Wedding Celebrant?

Yes. We have a couple of Celebrants to suggest that can host the symbolic ceremony. We’ll put you in direct contact with them. But, you can also decide to use your own celebrant or research it on your own. No problem with that.

Can we bring our own bottles?

For the wedding day, the Menus we propose include unlimited wine, water and soft drinks, so there’s no need to bring your own bottles. For the rest of the days, you are free to organize the group as you prefer. You can organize all the dinners you want on your own with all the produces you prefer. It’s your holiday time and you have all the spaces of the venue available. If you need some extra nights / breakfasts / brunch / welcome cocktail from us, please check our “To do” page and request our brochure with all the prices for that.

Sound System, Dj and Band

We have a professional sound system at the venue for the wedding party that includes a professional mixer and microphones for your speeches if you need. You can plug in your own devices and music or decide to go for a dj or band that we can suggest.

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