Wedding Planning and Organizational Full Support

“Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

foto-gallina copia

That’s the big Dilemma since the ancient times.

I don’t know if we’ll never solve that.
What I know then, is that the man behind the Chicken is me, Gabriele.

I manage Casa Bruciata together with my cousin Ilvio and the support of the rest of the family and helpers.

I am the one who will guide you through the planning process.

We’ll whisk all the ideas like scrambled eggs to create a beautiful dish to serve to your guests.

Can I trust a man with a chicken in his hands?

I would ask the same question. 🙂

I came back to the umbrian countryside after 5 years around Europe working in the events’ management field. I was in two events and entertainments agencies in London, then I moved to Bruxelles and together with the “umbrians’ association” we organized some fun “umbrian style” parties. Then I came back to Perugia, my home-town in Umbria, and worked as an event manager together with Eurochocolate, a well-know event about chocolate. I was also a musician for 10 years, playing 140 gigs per year.. too many.

I then decided to change my life and marry a Chicken, that’s why I am in the countryside. 🙂

Want to know me better? Let’s Skype.

I have to say that Gabriele and his team were exceptional in their management of helping my Husband and I manage this event. Nothing was too much trouble and all of our many requests (beds, cots, wines, beers, central bar area, group celebration dinner, pizza night, cookery lesson, wine tour with lunch, etc) were met with ease. Everything went to plan, and if anything exceeded my hopes and expectations.Sue
Gabriele took all stress away from us and was so super organised that planning a wedding really couldn’t have been any easier, all we had to do really was turn up, and to say it exceeded any of our expectations is an understatement, the wedding was more beautiful that we could have ever imagined. Thank you Gabriele for really making out wedding the best day of our lives, you are a superstar and you should be very proud of everything that you do at Casa Bruciata. If anyone is considering getting married here, or just staying here, my advise would be to not hesitate and book!
Gabriele and his team were absolutely fantastic!! They took care of everything for us, it was like having your own wedding planner. Gabrielle provided a list of photographers, Celebrants, food menu choices, music, florists and decoration ideas… All we had to do was choose the ones that we wanted and Gabrielle took care of the rest.
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