Dinner? on the Infinity Terrace

We host the wedding reception on our infinity terrace, 90% of the times.
People love the fact to be on a natural terrace where the view of the hills makes all the scenography of the dinner.

But. We can also host the dinner on the main garden, just in front of the main Villa’s facade if you want.

The infinity terrace can host up to 90 people. The garden in front of the main Villa has no maximum number.



A small note: all the picture you see right now have a Crystal (transparent) Marquee on the infinity terrace. This was the solution we adopted in 2017 and behind to guarantee an outdoor dinner to everyone, despite the rain. From 2018 we’re going to have our own cover on the terrace. It will be a sort of “orangerie”, basically a completely glass structure. Both the ceiling and the sides will be glass and transparent. The atmosphere therefore will be like to be open-air. It will be classy, light and natural and much more integrated with the historical house than a Marquee.

Please look online for “Orangerie” or “Winter garden” to have a better idea of what we’re building. Pictures of the new cover will be available soon.


Table design and Food

We have all the tables and chairs available in-house, so you don’t have to hire anything.
You can choose between different styles of table setups: Rustic / Country-style / Classic / Elegant.

You can choose your Wedding Menus from the themes we propose: Countryside / The Ultimate Umbrian Menu / Italian Classics / Elegant
Please download our brochure for further information and prices.


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